Pro Tip : Always account for variable change

It has been two months since I moved further away from the fam, and its a running joke now that I always find courses, colleges and people farthest away from them. Now the thing about distance and uninterrupted spaces is that it always triggers a few emotions here and there. I know I'm quite the... Continue Reading →


The beginning and an end.

Every ecosystem has two types of species, one that dominates and the other that finds it easier to survive under dominance. You grow up the way that you do, in protective, shielded surroundings and at the end of the day it is always up to you to become the kind of person that you could... Continue Reading →


The musk on your neck, smells like home to me Home to me is the little crevice in the hollow Between your right shoulder-blade and the rest of your back, where my forehead fits in just fine. Your back that talks of your journey, the little marks on it your story. And I trace the... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Wood and Me.

Once upon a time, a few months ago, when I was comfortably earning a regular salary and doing regular things, I decided to treat myself - a luxury I cannot afford now. My idea of treating myself is to buy books, ones that make me weep and inspire me at the same time. So I... Continue Reading →


I woke up to the sound of a roar from the mountains, and from the sound of hasty feet running on the tin roof holding my room together. I did not mind being woken up by animals in search of their morning fodder since it was either that, or a pang of loneliness encouraged by... Continue Reading →


I have been home for a few weeks now, over which I have met some incredible people and learnt some more about the variety that surrounds me. Today I want to introduce you to Megha Dasgupta. In my narration, I will call her MD to not encourage my word limit problems. I ran into her... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Poetry and Procrastination

This is NOT another blog post brimming with emotions that I need to learn with, instead it is a collection of poems I wrote during the National Poetry Month (April) because I had too much time that I needed to invest in something constructive. I have consolidated all of it, in one post more to... Continue Reading →

FreshMenu Food Festival!

It is yet another slow Sunday and I have convinced my inner 80 year old self to actively avoid calls, and any possibility of having to go out. It really is a chore to go out. One planned group outing involves finding the perfect attire that would cover your problem areas effectively while also not... Continue Reading →

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