Anxiety soup for the virtual chicken

It was 5PM on a Sunday afternoon and the fierce Ciara storm had hit the Netherlands. I was lying on my couch at home, scrolling through all the Coronavirus updates on (of course) my Twitter feed. Here's where you might have already formed an opinion of me, so I will just have you know, I … Continue reading Anxiety soup for the virtual chicken

Roots and turmoil.

Manuhe manuhor babe, jodiu okonu nabhabe, okoni xohanubhutire bhabibo kunenu kuwa? xomoniya? If humans do not empathize with other humans, who will help any of us, dear friend? These lines are from a very famous Bhupen Hazarika song. We were taught this in our schools, by music teachers that frequented our homes. Our parents sang … Continue reading Roots and turmoil.